Lucky Squares

Lucky Squares this weeekend!

This long weekend, get up to a $2,000 bonus and hundreds of spins on the Million Dollar Slot.

Choose a number(s) between $20 and $99 by making a deposit of that same number. We will randomly draw 20 squares. If your square(s) has been drawn, you win!

How it works

  • From October 16-18, head to Deposit and select or enter code “LuckySquares” to deposit between $20 and $99.
  • Each deposit amount is your entry into the Lucky Squares promotion.
  • A total of 84 squares are in the drawing (see example card), 20 squares will be drawn.
    • 80 numbers from $20 to $99 you can deposit as your entry
    • 4 “dealer squares” will count in the 20 squares drawn.
      • If a “dealer square” is drawn, every player will receive 5 bonus spins for EACH “LuckySquares” deposit they’ve made (This is in addition to bonuses won from the prize table below)
  • Must wager 100% of your deposit(s) to qualify.
  • 20 squares will be randomly drawn on Monday, if your deposit number(s) is drawn, you will win the following bonuses:
Prize Table
    • Example: Player makes 5 deposits (outlined in green below) – $21, $24, $33, $38, $42. Pala draws 20 squares (highlighted in purple below), 3 of those drawn squares matches player’s deposit amounts so player wins 30 spins and a $5 casino bonus. Also, a “dealer square” has been drawn so player gets an additional 25 spins (5 spins x 5 deposits).