Make the lowest unique deposit and you can win a $300 Bonus.


  1. August 13 – 15, head to Deposit, select ‘ReverseAuction’ and enter your deposit amount –  remember the lowest UNIQUE deposit wins
    1. The lowest UNIQUE deposit means the lowest single qualifying amount that has been deposited by one player. For example, if three players deposit $20, one player deposits $21, and 6 players deposit $22 then the player who deposited the $21 will win the $300 casino bonus.
  2. Lowest unique deposit wins $300 casino bonus
  3. Minimum deposit is $20. Your deposit must be a whole dollar amount (no cents)
  4. Must wager 100% of deposit to qualify

You can deposit as many times as you like during the promotion period, just be sure to select ‘ReverseAuction’ at deposit each time to register your deposit.