Slingo Reel King


This ding-credible game is sure to be a reel crowd pleaser, uniting fans of slingo and the legendary Reel King bonus. The usual slingo mechanic is in full swing, awarding pays for completed slingos – but there’s a reely cool twist! On any spin, each reel can create a ‘ding’ sound, starting from left to right. When 5 dings occur, the Reel King bonus is triggered. A number of Reel King symbols will appear on the grid, depending on which level of the bonus is triggered. Each symbol then spins to reveal a prize, which continues until no wins are generated. Ding dong!

Start this un-reel mash up like you would any other slingo game: by setting your stake and aiming to match numbers on the reel to those on your 5×5 grid. Marking off 5 numbers in a row will award a slingo and a cash prize according to the paytable. Ker-ding!

Do your ding!

You won’t want to miss a ding in this action-packed game! Above the grid, you’ll find the Reel King bonus trail, which determines how many Reel King symbols appear on your grid during the bonus, and how many cash prizes you could win. On any spin, each reel can randomly ‘ding’, highlighting a section of the slot reel and lighting up an arrow on the Reel King trail above. If 5 ‘dings’ occur, the first stage of the Reel King Bonus is triggered, and you’ll know that some-king special is coming your way! The maximum 9 ‘dings’ will award the highest stage of the bonus: Ultra King.

A number of reel king symbols will appear and spin to award prizes, depending on which stage of the bonus is triggered:

  • Reel King: 1-3 symbols
  • Great King: 2-4 symbols
  • Super King: 3-5 symbols
  • Mega King: 4-6 symbols
  • Ultra King: 7-9 symbols

Each level has increasingly valuable reels and each symbol spins to return prizes according to the following paytable:

  • 3x red 7s = x5
  • 3x yellow 7s = x2
  • 3x blue 7s = x1
  • 3x mixed 7s = x0.4

The bonus continues until no wins are generated, and you’ll be awarded the cumulative win amount from the streak. Amaze-ding!

Regal Features

As you listen out for those ding sounds and get swept up in the excitement of spinning symbols, you may recognise some familiar features that are the jewels in the slingo crown:

  • Wild: allows you to mark off any number in the column above the reel position in which it landed
  • Super Wild: allows you to mark off any number in the entire grid
  • Free Spin: grants a Free Spin
  • Blocker: prevents potential number matches on the grid

Once all the initial spins and any free spins have been played, there’s a chance to buy extra spins for more chances to trigger the captivate-king bonus. Push it reel good!