This professional series version of the classic Baccarat casino game follows standard baccarat rules with a 9 for 1 payout for a tie. Players can place a single bet or a combination of bets. Baccarat is available in a standard, low roller and high roller version, plus an additional VIP version (available upon request only).

Game Features

  • Baccarat History Board
  • Adjustable Game Speed

Game Theme & Graphics

Baccarat Professional Series is a feature-rich graphics game with game play settings that can be adjusted by the player.

The player can activate high quality background music tracks that have been tailor-made for this game.

Other features include:

  • Fun game play, where the player can play a few trial hands before placing real money bets
  • A history table showing the results of the last 10 hands
  • Fully adjustable sound settings
  • Adjustable card deal speed

Placing Bets

The Blackjack™ betting system makes it easy for the players to place and remove their bets. The player selects the desired chip and clicks the bet area to place the bet. Repeated clicks increase the bet by the

Placing a bet is easy! The player clicks on a coloured chip, and then clicks on the TIE, BANKER or PLAYER section of the table to place a bet. Repeated clicks increase the amount of the bet; the player sees the coins stack up and the total value displayed beneath increases.
To remove a bet, the player selects the chip with the red cross, and clicks on the table section with the incorrect bet. The whole bet is removed, and the player can make a new bet.


Players select the chip value (default 1, 5, and 10) and place their bets on 1 to 3 hands.
Players click the Deal button and the computerized dealer automatically deals the first two cards for each blackjack hand.
Depending on the stage in the game they can deal, hit, stand, split, double, take even money, or buy iWhen the player clicks Deal, cards are dealt to both the Player and the Banker. The outcome of the game is displayed alongside the bets. Before the next game round starts, the player is given the chance to Rebet (same chips in the same table sections) or place a New Bet.

Baccarat History

The player can choose to display the game history, located to the left of the game table, which shows the results of the last 10 game rounds. The history is formatted as follows:

  • The most recent game round is shown in the top two squares.
  • The number on the left indicates the card value for the Player; the number on the right indicates the card value for the Banker.
  • If the player has won the game round, the Player’s hand value is highlighted in red and the Banker’s hand value is greyed out. If the Banker has won a game round, the Banker’s hand value is highlighted in yellow and the Player’s hand value is greyed out. If the result is a Tie, both Player and Banker hand values are highlighted.